how to develop a good working relationship

How to Develop a Good Working Relationship

A good working relationship is important for employees and businesses. It is the foundation of better productivity in the workplace. Furthermore, the poor relations of staff and employees can make employees angry and dissatisfied with their work. This can result in a bad performance or quitting an organisation. Here are a few tips for developing a good relationship with staff.

Top Tips for Working Relationships

Making a good first impression is very important in the workplace. Office friendships will not develop if you have a bad attitude, are rude or impolite. A sense of humour is also important for breaking down barriers between people. You can befriend coworkers quickly just by taking these simple steps. In addition, communication is another important part of making good working relationships. It is important to be aware of your own body language and adjust to the working environment.

More About Communication

In western culture, looking at the ground when someone is speaking to you means that you are shy or not assertive. It also shows a lack of confidence. This is just one action that could affect your working relationships. Furthermore, It is easy to see other examples of poor communication in the workplace. Employees that are distracted, talk over people, can’t answer questions or don’t listen are bad communicators.

Conclusion – Making Good Relationships is a Skill

Making good relationships is more than just good communication. You need to show respect to work colleagues by showing your eagerness do take on tasks, be flexible and more. You also need to be positive when things are not going well as it helps make people feel comfortable. Giving feedback, advice and assistance to staff is another important part of developing working relationships. These are only a few ways to make friends and lifelong relationships with people at work.