escape rooms team building

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are an excellent choice to get together as a group and use your team skills to solve the puzzles in the room in order to find the key within the set time limit. This key unlocks the room allowing you to escape otherwise you will be locked in until the set time frame elapses.

Composition of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms tend to vary depending on the venue. Primarily, each room has a unique theme that aids the immersion process. Some of the popular themes found in escape rooms are abandoned spaceships, murder scenes, haunted hotels/houses, and tombs. These themes, as you can see, are somewhat scary, and this is meant to enable those in team building to devise strategies they can employ when working under pressure.

How They Help

The benefits of escape rooms during team building activies are several. They promote teamwork since people are expected to work together to solve the puzzles. Problem-solving skills are also enhanced considering that those involved have to think creatively and critically to find the correct answer. Further to this, escape rooms enable managers and the organisation access how workers handle conflicts.

Consider Escape Rooms For Your Next Team Building

Some workers struggle with conflict resolution, fixed mindset, and problem-solving. These struggles can have a negative effect on a company’s overall performance especially if they are not identified. Escape rooms provide the right environment to monitor workers who might have such struggles and then work towards having them resolved. Escape rooms are, with no doubt, a valuable tool for an organisation to assess its employees, grow their skills as well as engage them.