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Team building: An investment or not?

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Many companies out there wonder whether team building activities are worth it, or not. This is all in a bid to try and foster collaboration between employees on all company levels, and improve the company’s performance. However, more often than not, apart from costing quite a bit of money, there’s a possibility that employees may go back to work, as usual, having left the exercise with no improvement.

Results from a team building study

A study on whether team building exercises led to productive teamwork yielded unique, yet relatable results. Participants agreed to the fact that trusting fellow employees would yield better results during teamwork. However, it also became apparent that there should first be activities to increase individual motivation. The employees needed to have targets set for them that they were individually left to achieve as this would, in turn, prove their individual value to the company.

Is team building necessary?

The study showed that employees needed to be allowed the opportunity to have their work speak in their stead, first. However, this is not to say that they could not work in a team setting. It actually became apparent that productive teamwork would only be realised once everyone knew what was expected of them, as individuals. So, activities like team building retreats help foster trust among each other.

Team building in a nutshell

Different individuals react differently during obligatory team building activities. Some may come out of their shells while others may withdraw into themselves. However, if done at the right time and in the right way, these activities could prove to be necessary icebreakers in any given organisation. This could, in turn, lead to the successful output that all companies strive for.

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The Best Teams in eSports

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It can be quite hard to point at a single eSports team and claim it’s the best. There are lots of variables to consider. Moreover, the fact that teams play different games sort of makes it hard to point to a single team as the best. Team Liquid, Evil Genius, and Team OG have emerged as the best eSport teams in the last couple of years, and this is why.

Why These Teams?

It all comes down to earnings. Regardless of the multiplayer video game a team competes in, the best teams always take home the biggest cash prize. Team Liquid, for example, has an overall loot of more than $25,000,000 in cash prizes by coming out first in multiplayer games such as StarCraft 2, League of Legends, and Dota. The professional video gaming outfit has players from all over the world taking part in online matches in different video game genres.

Second Place eSports Team

Evil Genius is the second highest-rated eSports team with an overall cash loot of about $20,000,000. They are just $5,000,000 short of the first place held by Team Liquid. Like every professional video gaming outfit, Evil Genius has players across the world competing in online multiplayers like Call of Duty and League of Legends. Evil Genius is one of the oldest eSports team dating back to 1999.

H To Join an eSport Team?

If you want to join the ranks of Team Liquid and Evil Genius and share the loot after crushing players in your favorite multiplayer video game, you’ll have to make a name for yourself. Start off by playing with other online players and make sure you win. The more wins you get under your belt, the better your chances.


Pokemon Go Teams

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A review of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is one of the best games one can play. It is an augmented reality mobile (AR) game which is available to both Android and iOS users. Initially released in the year 2016, the game was made to available to the public courtesy of the collaborated efforts between Niantic and Nintendo. It uses GPS technology to locate, capture and train the virtual players who take part in the game.

Enjoys a Great Reception

From the day of its initial release, the game became a darling of the masses. It has become one of the top games in both Google Play and App Store. During the initial week of its release, it was the most downloaded game on the App Store. Within less than two days of its release, it was installed in more than 5% of Android devices in America. Team Instinct continues to shine over Team Mystic

Huge impact in the society

The game has risen to become one of the most loved games by people of all walks of life. It has been appreciated for the unique role it has played in bringing people together irrespective of their backgrounds. Most people want to be associated with Team Instinct. In the area of law enforcement, the players are in a position to identify and report crimes to the authorities.

Pokémon Go is a game to beat

Barely three years old, Pokémon Go has achieved what many game developers take centuries to accomplish. Since it is free to play and available on both iOS and Google Play, the game is open to the masses. It has several benefits such as aiding in the process of fighting crime making it very popular. That is not all. The owners of the game have reaped massively from the game with revenues clocking close to one billion dollars.

Teams and Team Building Activities

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Team building is a crucial activity in every organisation. It is an activity meant to bring employers and employees together in a relaxed setting that is different from the work environment. Through this, co-workers can understand each other, which helps strengthen the bond between them. The result of this is strengthened working relations, and this in turn leads to increased productivity. It also makes handling tasks at workstations more efficient.

Learn Fun Team Building Activities

There are quite a number of fun activities you can consider for team building. You first will need to put Cross-functional teams together so that the whole activity gains meaning. You can also put together self-managing teams and spot an activity they can engage in. The sole purpose of these activities is to increase familiarity among employees. Ideally, some activities for team building include playing soccer, swimming, hiking, skating among others.

Objectives of Team Building

Some of the objectives of team building include to improve communication and interpersonal skills, decrease conflicts and increase awareness in the team. Conflicts in the workplace are very detrimental to overall performance. Once you have been able to put together either Self-Managing Teams, communication improves and there is a general improvement in the productivity and effectiveness of your teams.

Challenges of Team Building

Team building also comes with its own challenges. Some of these include virtualisation and globalization. Teams might have members that don’t share similar cultures, problem-solving approaches or even languages. This makes it hard to create a general understanding between co-workers, hindering positive progress during team building activities. Virtual workplaces are also making team building hard. Ideally, when employees meet face to face, they are able to work better together rather than when they do it virtually.

Team Building on a Distance

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Team building involves a series of activities done to improve social relations and teamwork. These activities are planned by Human Resource Business Partners and managers from various companies.

Team building can be done in areas like schools, recreational groups, flight crews and military departments. Something that has been picked up recently, mostly by tech companies such as different casino companies, social media companies and game studios is that their staff work remotely, why team building activities must be done on a distance.

It is good that most organisations adopt this system so as to improve their performance.

Benefits of Team Building in an Organisation

Team building activities benefit an organisation in these ways.Help improve communication among people, people who have never talked to each other are forced to come together as a team. Helps improve relationships by making them better and tight.

Managers are able to develop various skills like leadership skills. Also helps improve the skill of problem-solving, during the activities when given a certain task they have to come together as a team and come up with a solution to the problem.

Examples Of Team Building Activities

Below is a list of team building activities. Blindfold games, this need listening skills and a nice strategy. Human shapes, participants in a group have to form words and letters using their bodies.Rope handcuffs, a pair of any gender is tied together and they have to try to untie the knot on them. Show tower, various teams have to try to build the tallest tower with the shoes they have.

Does team building have any disadvantages ?

Team building activities have some disadvantages on an organisation as listed here.It limits creativity among teammates as they are more focused on good results rather than creative thinking. It would be expensive to an organisation in terms of time, money and equipment. Conflicts may come up to, due to different ideas and opinions and a certain activity may not be completed.

Team Building For Tech Companies

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Tech companies are characterised by a workforce that is keen to detail, committed to innovation and strict on time. Most developers for example will work until late night to make sure they meet their deadlines. It is however, worth noting that work work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This justifies the need for team building in Tech companies.

Benefits Of Team Building

Team building in the tech companies offers a range of benefits. Productivity largely increases by a significant proportion. This is because the employees are able to learn from one another and identify where each person can handle best. This also helps in building the esteem of the employees. They feel as part of the team and they feel appreciated for their input. Employees’ loyalty is also greatly enhanced.

Team Building Activities For Tech Companies

Some of the activities that may be incorporated in the tech company team buildings include retreats. Here the staff may look for an exciting place to visit, hike or even go camping. Some other fun activities include swimming, going out for coffee or lunch, learn how to play casino and watching a movie together. Icebreakers may also work well for a team.

In A Nutshell

Though most tech people enjoy developing new things, and sitting behind a computer screen, time off their office is very important. Most developers may end up not having their social life all together as they strive to bring new sofwares into existence. Team building will help them develop important social skills such as communication and attain lasting friendships.

Team Building For Students

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Team building is an essential element of organizational development. It is aimed at addressing a variety of issues within the organization. Some of these include identifying and addressing interpersonal problems. The long-term goal of team building is to increase efficiency and improve performance. School managers like their counterparts in business should come up with effective team building strategies.

Activities To Be Carried Out

students pictureA school setting is different from a corporate one. In schools, we deal with two major categories: the teachers and the pupils. From this Primary classification, we develop a more complex grouping. This constitutes different ages, ability, interests among others. The activities to be carried out on a school team building should be aimed at increasing the overall growth of learners and teachers. The activities should enhance creativity, solve relational problems and improve the performance.

The Benefits Of Team Building In Schools

Schools that invest more in team building are likely to register a high performance both from the teachers and the learners. There exist significant impacts that teambuilding activities leave on the participants. This includes bonding and the confidence to interact with different people. Creativity is also greatly enhanced. Participants are also trained to be good leaders as they engage their teams in different activities.

In An Nutshell

Every school is in a position to carry out teambuilding activities in spite of their budgets. Some of the activities are free of charge, for example, intergroup competitions. The school management should make it their priority to develop their learners and teachers. By carrying out the team building activities the school will reap the benefits of a well motivated team.

Team Building For Families

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Which family doesn’t want to create harmony among its members, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company and support? Most workplaces introduce new employees into already existing teams, where they have to collaborate with others to achieve company goals. As tricky as this may seem, there are always ways to bring family or team members closer together and have some fun at the same time.

How Will Team Building Help?

family teambuildingEach team building exercise consists of activities that have a different focus, based on the challenges of each group of participants. However, the goal should always be to have some good quality fun and feel like a part of a family team. From icebreakers and word miming games to blind maze discovery and outdoor challenges, the exercises should have something in store for everyone. There is no better way to build good old-fashioned togetherness than through playing together.

Improving Healthy Relationships

By getting to know each other better, creating problem-solving strategies, and improving communication skills, people work more effectively. As most of the exercises are active, they ask for equal participation from everyone. Team building also helps in dealing with diversity and preventing conflicts. Working on this togetherness and trust level helps to create a healthy team both at work and within the family unit.

Team Building At Work

Team building brings the newest employees together with the most experienced. Different members can join together in what is meant to strengthen professional relationships. They work together to solve challenges and build trust among all the new members. The key to successful team building lies in having lots of fun and open communication in the process. Happy employees will therefore always be more motivated, goal-oriented and bring their full potential to the workplace. The same equally applies to families!

Team Building Online

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Team building is an important consideration for any company. It turns a group of individuals into a cohesive unit, who then combine their talents. Working together, this team has a greater drive and ability to accomplish goals. Building a team will usually include daily interaction, structured activities or even team training and exercises. Today, many of us are working virtually, so how can we keep teams engaged effectively?

Internet Team Chit-Chat

skype logoWhen working remotely, internet teams do not have the same ability to relate to each other. They do not engage in chit-chat or take lunch breaks together, so it is important to plan this into any meetings to encourage comradeship and team building. Always set aside time to exchange personal information, news and updates. Video conferencing on Skype is perfect for teams online and provides the ultimate medium for getting to know each other and exchanging views.

Fun For All

It is always important for employees to have fun together as a team building exercise. Therefore, it is time to get creative and use new tools to encourage teams to bond. Shared ice-breaker questions via email and competitive online games or competitions are a great place to start. Or why not have monthly lunch meetings, where employees can interact away from home, enjoying some video fun and a shared coffee?

Bonding A Virtual Team

Most remote virtual employees do not benefit from any team building activities. They are required to work together, yet this makes it incredibly difficult to collaborate and achieve any goals. The objective of these new activities must be firmly focussed on building trust and increasing cohesion on a personal level. It is well worth dedicating the time for the huge rewards and returns on investment that will be achieved for everyone.

Diverse Teams

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Team diversity refers to the subtle differences between individual members of a team. The differences exist in different dimensions, like religious background, sexual and political differences, age and nationality. The diversity of teams is essential, to acquire different views from different people, who share different perceptions from one another. The ultimate goal of team diversity is a wide range of thinking which gives excellent and creative results.

How Important Is Team Diversity?

diversity for better teamsDiverse teams play an important role in team and business success. This is specifically because a diverse team encompasses all the ways in which people are different and unique. There are enormous potential benefits for a manager that incorporates a highly diversified team. They gain the ability to make more rational decisions, with teams becoming more effective through synergy and cooperation. In addition, they will see increased creativity and innovation, giving the concerned company a competitive edge.

Types Of Team Diversity

Diverse teams manifest themselves in various forms, but there are three main areas covering diversity. The different manifestations can include demographic diversity, which exists when a team is comprised of people from different backgrounds. Functional diversity is where a team has individual members with different skills and abilities. Personality diversity is where individual members of a group differ in personal characteristics and attributes.

Why Diverse Teams Create Better Work

A diverse workplace ultimately creates better results. Team diversity enhances quality decisions as there will be many different perspectives and ideas incorporated. This creates a large pool of ideas from which to choose. Diverse teams are much more creative and enhance the overall skills of teamwork when they have different beliefs and ideologies. Group performance is enhanced, and this translates into excellent results and improved performance for the company.

The Best Team Building Tools For A Successful Workplace

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There are many excellent tools you can use to achieve a collaborative and cohesive team environment. Once they have been utilised in the workplace, you will notice the benefits immediately. Your team can try internal team building opportunities or external activities with a facilitator. The objective is essential, as it determines which tool will be the best to use.

The Advantages Of Working Within A Team

office workplaceSuccessful teams kick goals. They exceed targets, create positive working environments, and help each other shine. These are just some of the benefits of team building. Whether you’re working in Silicone Valley or running a small business, studies show that businesses are channelling large amounts into funding team building activities. Team building is a platform where organisations can recognise individual strengths, and combine them to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business outcomes.

Building Rapport Can Be Super Fun And Easy

The goal of any team building exercise is to create relationships and have fun. To laugh and collaborate with each other will mean your team members work together more successfully and build a rapport. Team members will put thoughts of their accomplishments aside, and respect one another, working for the benefit of the team and building rapport.

Team Building Is Always A Good Idea

Mark Zuckerberg said “Most of the big achievements that we have witnessed have not been accomplished by a single individual. Therefore, team building is very vital if a goal is to be achieved”. Take it from a successful and renowned entrepreneur that the impact of team building cannot be overemphasised. Utilising the free available tools will help to ensure that you achieve your company’s goal.

Team Building Pillars

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I think we all agree; team building is not as easy as it sounds and is quickly becoming a business necessity. As a business leader, you may be asking “How do I juggle my rising business costs with the need for employee bonding time and still come out ahead?” Try focusing on two basic ideas of team building. These two pillars may be the keys to building a stronger team.

Get Everyone Looking Toward The Same Goals

leaderThat sounds simple, right? Often, leaders get distracted by daily chaos and forget to check in with their team. They trust that everyone is still looking at, and moving toward, the stated goals. In reality, teams are made of people, and people are very easily sidetracked. Setting the team’s sights on the goal, on a regular basis, will help solidify your expectations. This encourages good teamwork and collaboration amongst your team and helps build trust in you as a leader.

Do Not Downplay Emotions

The second major mention in team building pillars is human emotions. Great leaders are in tune with how their team is feeling. Conversation, conflict resolution, and “checking-in” with your team are essential. When your team feels appreciated, they will work together to reach goals. When they feel their effort goes unnoticed, they will begin competing with each other. Regularly converse with members, showing them you care about them as people.

Sights And Feelers

Regularly setting team eyes on the goals will reinforce your expectation of teamwork, while giving your leadership a boost of power. Communicate with your team, let them know what your goals, expectations, and timelines are. Be observant and detail oriented in noticing the emotions and morale of the team. Always thank them for their work using detailed examples. These pillars build good teams and good teams will save money with efficiency. It is a win-win situation for business.

Team Building In Large Groups

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Got a large squad? No problem! It is best to plan the entire team-building session progressively with each challenge building up to another and along key themes. For example, to cultivate better communication, your activities should include initiatives where different players take on the leadership role. To foster trust, initiatives should include asking team members to relinquish power and control to another in a non-threatening, safe environment.

ice breakerGet Started With An Ice Breaker

Like any other good practice session, any team building effort should start out with a warm up to prepare your team members for the day’s events. Warm up activities are simple icebreaker experiences that will encourage your team to transition from the standard office mode to a relaxed, open spirit type of engagement. For example, the blanket name game is the perfect opportunity for team members to learn each other’s names. Or else, go and see a game of football competing in betting. Today, there are many sites handing out free odds bonuses so this is actually something you can do for free.

Lay The Ground Rules

Once team members are relaxed and know each other by name, it is time to set the ground rules. Some of these include asking everyone only to share positive verbal comments and respect individual differences to foster a safe physical and emotional environment. Let the team know that there is a purpose to the team building games and even as they have fun and have a great time laughing, there is a deeper meaning in the activities.

It Is Not Over Until Debriefing

A common error made by HR teams organizing team-building activities for large groups make is neglecting the debriefing session. At the final debrief, team members should be asked to explain what they heard, saw, learned and felt during the activities. In addition, the members should demonstrate some of the potential lessons they derived from the activities and the relevance in the office environment.

Modern HR Roles

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In the past, the role of the human resources department was closely aligned to personnel and administrative functions, such as recruiting employees or dealing with employee benefits. However, the roles of modern HR in organisations have expanded, focusing more on key business imperatives. Today’s organisations are more forward thinking, resilient, adaptive to change and customer centred.

Team Building In A HR Role

hr 2017Team building as a role of the human resources department can be used to create stronger bonds between employees. This ultimately leads to improved morale, high impact learning and an increase in the overall productivity of an organisation. As the saying goes, “Two minds are better than one,” and team building mirrors this statement. In some activities, employees encounter various obstacles or tasks that require their collaboration. Sharing of ideas and skills brings forth a strong solution to tackle obstacles.

The Millennial Generation In Modern HR

The millennial generation consists of individuals born in the 1990s and currently flocking the jobs market. Every generation distinguishes itself with a unique set of workplace requirements, and the millennial generation is no different. This generation has been brought up in the digital era, with great economic recessions and wars. For team building to work for them, human resources should organise high-energy, engaging and regenerating activities. Social activities may also work, as Millennials love to connect and interact with others.

Modern HR Roles – Conclusion

The role of the human resources department has changed significantly in recent decades. In previous times, the role of HR mainly entailed administration activities. However, due to an increase in market competition, employees have become more valuable to organisations. Therefore, to ensure that an organisation is moving with the trends, HR should strive to get the very best out of their employees. As such, team building is an important practice for the overall productivity of any organisation.

Team Building Benefits

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Team building has been a common phenomenon across corporate groupings and professional gatherings. Well, to date there has been no single universal definition as to what team building is. However, going by the events that characterise such groupings it is easy to differentiate such forums from the rest that may not necessarily have a greater impact on workforce morale.

Why Team Building?

team building multiGoing by the latest statistics, corporate bodies are channelling substantial amounts in funding team building activities. Such expenditures have proved quite fruitful. This is because team building is a platform where organisations understand, appreciate, and recognises individualistic strengths with a view of maximising their potential in the short and long runs. These exercises have been described by corporate gurus as the best motivational tools.

The Impact of Team Building On Corporate Skills

One of the most identifiable impacts of team building on corporate personnel is boosting the innovative levels, as well as, highlighting barriers to this creativity. Each and every worker is reminded of the organisation’s goals and objectives so as to remain individually committed to such goals. Corporate problem solving is greatly enhanced through such for as challenges will be approached from the varied point of views.

Team Building In A Nutshell

Team building activities have prominently featured in the recurrent expenditures of all corporate organisations across the globe. The reason for this scenario is that benefits far outweigh the bottlenecks. Apart from motivating the workforce, these corporate outings have a special way of creating a mutually beneficial environment between the employer and the employee. Besides, they help to instil some sense of discipline and professional ethics among the attendees.