5 Best Icebreaker Questions

We have all attended parties, meetings and other functions where nobody has a word to say to each other. When it becomes embarrassingly quiet, a good icebreaker at the start of the event, which is uncomplicated and which doesn’t require too much time evaluating it, can loosen things up and get people talking and interacting.

Who needs an icebreaker?

For new-starters in an organisation, icebreakers can play a role in helping them feel at home. Some newcomers might feel awkward with ice breakers and that is why they need to be short and dynamic like 5 icebreakers may be a good start. The whole purpose of an icebreaker is to make people feel safe and comfortable among others. The first effective icebreaker is to simply ask ‘what is your name and what name would you have liked?’

Chilled team-building icebreakers

Team building icebreakers can immediately give you an inkling as to who you could possibly gel with. Questions such as ‘are you competitive?’, ‘do you think teambuilding unites a group or alienates it?, or ‘do you like problem-solving activities?’ can help you familiarise yourself with the group, especially as you watch their facial expressions while answering.

Ice Breakers should always be simple

Icebreakers should never be complicated or embarrassing as they can have the opposite effect. Simple questions like this 5th one – ‘is honesty the best policy’, will give you an idea as to who in your audience believes that ice breakers work and who believes they’re just an embarrassment and only serve to irritate.