5 a side football rules

5-A-Side Football Rules

5 A Side Football is a fantastic way for players to come together, do some team building and go for the big win. The sport has modified rules and requires quick thinking about the gameplay. This means that a team’s weaknesses are exposed quickly, so teams know where they should improve. Let’s learn about the rules and how the sport can help team building below.

How it works

5 a side football is one of the great team building sports. It has four outfield players and one goalkeeper. Playtime is reduced and the field size is smaller. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball in the goal box and pass the ball with their hands without kicking. There is no offside and handball rules are looser. Yellow cards and red cards are also given. Learning how to play 5 a side football takes little time.

Great for teambuilding

Good team sports should put players in situations where they have to make decisions quickly and rely on each other to feel some accomplishment. The fast nature and rules of 5 a side football means that decisions need to be made quickly. Players must be tuned into what their team is doing. The game shows where a team is weak and how to improve communication.

Why Play 5 A Side Football ?

It is clear that the game is a great workout due to its pace. It requires each player to think about exploiting the rules to get small advantages in very short periods of time. It exposes players to a team-building environment where player’s communication and flaws are shown. This makes the sport an easy way to try and improve the team in a short amount of time.