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The Different Management Types

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There are different types of management styles and each one has its pros and cons. The different styles are suitable for managing different teams and projects. There are seven styles of management: authoritarian, laissez-faire, visionary, democratic, transactional, pacesetting, and servant leadership. The authoritarian management style takes total control. It is ideal for new employees who are inexperienced or who are working on a very sensitive project.

Management Styles As Tools For Success

Managers can use different management styles as tools. They can use them for effective team building which involves constructing a team of people who have the skills and experience that are needed to keep a department going or to see a project to completion. As they put a team together and oversee it, it is important that a manager has the right leadership skills for the job. For instance, not every doctor can effectively manage a hospital’s emergency services unit.

Building an Effective Team

Having the right manager for the job is the beginning of having an effective team. This is particularly true for specialized projects or departments like the different ones in a hospital that is staffed by highly specialized staff. The managers of such units need to have not only leadership skills that include the ability to make the call in life and death or very dire or situations.

Getting Better and Better Over Time

A good manager will not have the skills for the job but will be vigilant about them and the members of their team remain competent through continuous training. This may be through short courses, seminars, or other forms of training. The goal is to equip staff including managers through ongoing training that ensures they are knowledgeable about the latest products, methods, technology, and research findings. It makes all the difference in having a capable, competent team that can handle anything.