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How to Become a Digital Nomad

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By definition of what they do, digital nomads are online workers whose destinations are constantly changing. With a laptop and an online job, they work remotely from anywhere in the world. Accommodation options are as unlimited as the locations. Some travel within their country in campervans or RVs. Others stay in hostels, Airbnb’s or rental houses. Others still travel in and live on boats and travel by sea.

Skills Digital Nomads Must Have

For most digital nomads, the goal is to experience living abroad. It’s also about working abroad but without the hassle of work permits and having to get an in-house nine to five job. Digital nomads earn from freelance work they can get and deliver online. Payment for the job is also done online. The most common type of freelancing work is writing web content, designing websites, graphic design and other jobs that don’t require physical presence or work delivery.

Locations Where Digital Nomads Can Work

When it comes to locations, the world is a digital nomad’s oyster. Where you go depends on your means and preferences. However, for beginners, it would be wise to stay closer to home at first before venturing into working abroad and living abroad. Apart from getting a taste of the lifestyle without being too far away, it costs less to travel within the country or continent before venturing further.

Getting Help As A Digital Nomad

As the digital nomad lifestyle has become more and more popular, more resources have been availed to them. There are digital nomad retreats and co-living communities around the world. Remote Year, Remote Way, YonderWork, Be Unsettled and Nomad House among others organise living and working spaces for nomads. Co-Living, Nomad.Life, Roam, WeLive and WiFiTribe organise longer stays. Teams can have their travel organised through Outside and Surf Offices to name just a few communities set up to support digital nomads.