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Team building: An investment or not?

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Many companies out there wonder whether team building activities are worth it, or not. This is all in a bid to try and foster collaboration between employees on all company levels, and improve the company’s performance. However, more often than not, apart from costing quite a bit of money, there’s a possibility that employees may go back to work, as usual, having left the exercise with no improvement.

Results from a team building study

A study on whether team building exercises led to productive teamwork yielded unique, yet relatable results. Participants agreed to the fact that trusting fellow employees would yield better results during teamwork. However, it also became apparent that there should first be activities to increase individual motivation. The employees needed to have targets set for them that they were individually left to achieve as this would, in turn, prove their individual value to the company.

Is team building necessary?

The study showed that employees needed to be allowed the opportunity to have their work speak in their stead, first. However, this is not to say that they could not work in a team setting. It actually became apparent that productive teamwork would only be realised once everyone knew what was expected of them, as individuals. So, activities like team building retreats help foster trust among each other.

Team building in a nutshell

Different individuals react differently during obligatory team building activities. Some may come out of their shells while others may withdraw into themselves. However, if done at the right time and in the right way, these activities could prove to be necessary icebreakers in any given organisation. This could, in turn, lead to the successful output that all companies strive for.