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Team Building on a Distance

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Team building involves a series of activities done to improve social relations and teamwork. These activities are planned by Human Resource Business Partners and managers from various companies.

Team building can be done in areas like schools, recreational groups, flight crews and military departments. Something that has been picked up recently, mostly by tech companies such as different casino companies, social media companies and game studios is that their staff work remotely, why team building activities must be done on a distance.

It is good that most organisations adopt this system so as to improve their performance.

Benefits of Team Building in an Organisation

Team building activities benefit an organisation in these ways.Help improve communication among people, people who have never talked to each other are forced to come together as a team. Helps improve relationships by making them better and tight.

Managers are able to develop various skills like leadership skills. Also helps improve the skill of problem-solving, during the activities when given a certain task they have to come together as a team and come up with a solution to the problem.

Examples Of Team Building Activities

Below is a list of team building activities. Blindfold games, this need listening skills and a nice strategy. Human shapes, participants in a group have to form words and letters using their bodies.Rope handcuffs, a pair of any gender is tied together and they have to try to untie the knot on them. Show tower, various teams have to try to build the tallest tower with the shoes they have.

Does team building have any disadvantages ?

Team building activities have some disadvantages on an organisation as listed here.It limits creativity among teammates as they are more focused on good results rather than creative thinking. It would be expensive to an organisation in terms of time, money and equipment. Conflicts may come up to, due to different ideas and opinions and a certain activity may not be completed.