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Team Building Online

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Team building is an important consideration for any company. It turns a group of individuals into a cohesive unit, who then combine their talents. Working together, this team has a greater drive and ability to accomplish goals. Building a team will usually include daily interaction, structured activities or even team training and exercises. Today, many of us are working virtually, so how can we keep teams engaged effectively?

Internet Team Chit-Chat

skype logoWhen working remotely, internet teams do not have the same ability to relate to each other. They do not engage in chit-chat or take lunch breaks together, so it is important to plan this into any meetings to encourage comradeship and team building. Always set aside time to exchange personal information, news and updates. Video conferencing on Skype is perfect for teams online and provides the ultimate medium for getting to know each other and exchanging views.

Fun For All

It is always important for employees to have fun together as a team building exercise. Therefore, it is time to get creative and use new tools to encourage teams to bond. Shared ice-breaker questions via email and competitive online games or competitions are a great place to start. Or why not have monthly lunch meetings, where employees can interact away from home, enjoying some video fun and a shared coffee?

Bonding A Virtual Team

Most remote virtual employees do not benefit from any team building activities. They are required to work together, yet this makes it incredibly difficult to collaborate and achieve any goals. The objective of these new activities must be firmly focussed on building trust and increasing cohesion on a personal level. It is well worth dedicating the time for the huge rewards and returns on investment that will be achieved for everyone.

Diverse Teams

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Team diversity refers to the subtle differences between individual members of a team. The differences exist in different dimensions, like religious background, sexual and political differences, age and nationality. The diversity of teams is essential, to acquire different views from different people, who share different perceptions from one another. The ultimate goal of team diversity is a wide range of thinking which gives excellent and creative results.

How Important Is Team Diversity?

diversity for better teamsDiverse teams play an important role in team and business success. This is specifically because a diverse team encompasses all the ways in which people are different and unique. There are enormous potential benefits for a manager that incorporates a highly diversified team. They gain the ability to make more rational decisions, with teams becoming more effective through synergy and cooperation. In addition, they will see increased creativity and innovation, giving the concerned company a competitive edge.

Types Of Team Diversity

Diverse teams manifest themselves in various forms, but there are three main areas covering diversity. The different manifestations can include demographic diversity, which exists when a team is comprised of people from different backgrounds. Functional diversity is where a team has individual members with different skills and abilities. Personality diversity is where individual members of a group differ in personal characteristics and attributes.

Why Diverse Teams Create Better Work

A diverse workplace ultimately creates better results. Team diversity enhances quality decisions as there will be many different perspectives and ideas incorporated. This creates a large pool of ideas from which to choose. Diverse teams are much more creative and enhance the overall skills of teamwork when they have different beliefs and ideologies. Group performance is enhanced, and this translates into excellent results and improved performance for the company.