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Team Building Pillars

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I think we all agree; team building is not as easy as it sounds and is quickly becoming a business necessity. As a business leader, you may be asking “How do I juggle my rising business costs with the need for employee bonding time and still come out ahead?” Try focusing on two basic ideas of team building. These two pillars may be the keys to building a stronger team.

Get Everyone Looking Toward The Same Goals

leaderThat sounds simple, right? Often, leaders get distracted by daily chaos and forget to check in with their team. They trust that everyone is still looking at, and moving toward, the stated goals. In reality, teams are made of people, and people are very easily sidetracked. Setting the team’s sights on the goal, on a regular basis, will help solidify your expectations. This encourages good teamwork and collaboration amongst your team and helps build trust in you as a leader.

Do Not Downplay Emotions

The second major mention in team building pillars is human emotions. Great leaders are in tune with how their team is feeling. Conversation, conflict resolution, and “checking-in” with your team are essential. When your team feels appreciated, they will work together to reach goals. When they feel their effort goes unnoticed, they will begin competing with each other. Regularly converse with members, showing them you care about them as people.

Sights And Feelers

Regularly setting team eyes on the goals will reinforce your expectation of teamwork, while giving your leadership a boost of power. Communicate with your team, let them know what your goals, expectations, and timelines are. Be observant and detail oriented in noticing the emotions and morale of the team. Always thank them for their work using detailed examples. These pillars build good teams and good teams will save money with efficiency. It is a win-win situation for business.