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Modern HR Roles

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In the past, the role of the human resources department was closely aligned to personnel and administrative functions, such as recruiting employees or dealing with employee benefits. However, the roles of modern HR in organisations have expanded, focusing more on key business imperatives. Today’s organisations are more forward thinking, resilient, adaptive to change and customer centred.

Team Building In A HR Role

hr 2017Team building as a role of the human resources department can be used to create stronger bonds between employees. This ultimately leads to improved morale, high impact learning and an increase in the overall productivity of an organisation. As the saying goes, “Two minds are better than one,” and team building mirrors this statement. In some activities, employees encounter various obstacles or tasks that require their collaboration. Sharing of ideas and skills brings forth a strong solution to tackle obstacles.

The Millennial Generation In Modern HR

The millennial generation consists of individuals born in the 1990s and currently flocking the jobs market. Every generation distinguishes itself with a unique set of workplace requirements, and the millennial generation is no different. This generation has been brought up in the digital era, with great economic recessions and wars. For team building to work for them, human resources should organise high-energy, engaging and regenerating activities. Social activities may also work, as Millennials love to connect and interact with others.

Modern HR Roles – Conclusion

The role of the human resources department has changed significantly in recent decades. In previous times, the role of HR mainly entailed administration activities. However, due to an increase in market competition, employees have become more valuable to organisations. Therefore, to ensure that an organisation is moving with the trends, HR should strive to get the very best out of their employees. As such, team building is an important practice for the overall productivity of any organisation.