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Top Ted Talk about TEAMS

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Sometimes we are bit tired or a bit lazy of reading every article online there is about teambuilding. The other way to get some inspirations and knowledge is to watch videos instead. In this case, we are talking about Ted Talks which has the best spokespersons about teamwork to speak about the topic in 10-20 minute sessions.

See below for some of the top inspiring talks:


Do you have one to recommend?

Group Evaluation in 11 Minutes!

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Working with a large group, say more than 50 people, there is a risk that a lot of information shared doesn’t come across to all participants. We are for example using post-it notes, putting them on the board so that everyone can see them. So far this is manageable but when you have 10 groups doing it other problems come up. It can get a bit out of control, takes a long time and rather boring with all the repetitions.

To make this a bit easier and more efficient, you can use a method we used called: 1 1 1 1.

The groups were given 1 minute to decide 1 person who had to report 1 of the items in a maximum of 1 minute. The chosen ones got to step forward and stand by the board and present one at a time. Important to keep track of the time! When 1 min has passed, you say “thank you very much” and let the other group come up to present. Smooth and efficient!

It took a total of 11 minutes!
All notes on the board were photographed so that the results could easily be taken home and work on. In the end, we made a fun and quick evaluation using the free service at It is based on the participants bringing their smartphones so they can go online and answer the questions we have written. It was so funny to see all the submitted replies popped up on the big screen! Recommended!