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Speed Dating

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Speed Mingle is a favorite exercise! But sometimes there is no place or is not appropriate for a standing mingle. One alternative then is to do a seated mingle, sort of speed dating.

One good thing about this exercise is that you as a leader ensures that everyone actually gets to talk to everyone. When standing mingling, it is always possible for participants to choose only talk to those you already know. So – as always – think about the purpose of the exercise and select different options (standing or sitting) depending on it.

This is how you do it:

Set chairs (same number of participants) in two circles, one external and one internal. The inner circle seats should face the outside – so that participants can sit face to face.

Half of the participants sit in the outer circle and the other half in the interior. The exercise then goes to so that you will talk to the person you are facing, on a given subject, during a specified period.

When all has taken a seat, you as a leader will tell how to do and give participants the first topic to talk about.

Now the participants will discuss with the person they are opposite for about 3 minutes. When the time is up leader will let you know. After that, the ones who are sitting in the outer circle will move a step to the right – and wait for the leader to give them a new subject.
Now everyone will sit opposite a new person where the new topic will be discussed for another 3 minutes.

Spaghetti Tower

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This is an exercise from the world of school. It is an exercise in creativity and collaboration – this requires initiative, communication, and courage to try. Great tool for teambuilding!

Children are the world leader in this type of exercises because they dare to think differently and dare to test before they decide on a possible solution. Something we adults often have little harder. This exercise can be a great challenge at the staff meeting!

The Challenge

The challenge is that in 18 minutes to build a tower as high as independent as possible of spaghetti which is to put a marshmallow on top.

Although exercise can be done as a competition, it is not important how high the tower will be – or if it even remains – but how everyone works together.

In the exercise, the group may work out cooperation and creative ability. The show quickly on the participants’ capabilities – things that do not arrive as easy otherwise, and how they communicate.

Who takes the initiative? Who sees what the group needs? Who wants to plan? Who keeps track of time? Who test new solutions? Is someone a skeptic? Which standards created? Are you watching the other teams and take lessons?

Do this:

  • Divide participants into groups of 4-5
  • Each group will need:
    18 spaghetti (preferably a little thick) 1 m string or thread, 1 m masking tape, one marshmallow, and scissors.
  • When 18 minutes have passed you say to, and then all should let go of the tower – it stays or falls?
  1. Ask if anyone thinks they have won and measured the towers.
  2. After the exercise, you give the groups time to reflect on how they worked. Ask how the process went.
  3. Discussed the design and how high the tower would be? Take advantage of the participants’ past experiences.
  4. Were members given different roles? Could they have worked better?

To solve a problem, we need each other’s abilities. We are all different, and together we can create new solutions that they had not come up with on their own.

Please have a look at this presentation at TED, where you can see how the exercise has been used.

Lead Successful Teams

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Successful teams are characterised by clear leadership and a straight and open communication based on respect and trust.

Getting employees to grow and reach their goals is one of the most important tasks. It is simply to guide and help your team to see opportunities. With the right tools and attitude, proper analysis of the situation and understanding of the individual’s potential, you as leaders communicate and act so that your employees reach their goals and grow into their roles.

With the right means and approach, you can create a motivated group that reaches its goals.

These goals will help you:

  • Become a more inspirational and motivational leader
  • Build a well-functioning team and get out the best in each
  • Have the tools you need to increase the effectiveness of your team
  • Add meaningful and clear objectives
  • Add structural work of the group – so you get control
  • Effective communication – the key to success in the group

This will give you the tools you need to develop your leadership, and you learn to understand how you as a leader affect your team and your employees.

You will get an understanding of how the way you lead affects the performance of others and how through courage and the right leadership can lift the entire team to success.

For you, as a participant it is desired, to get maximum benefit, combine theory with practical exercises. Great emphasis is placed on discussions that are linked to relevant situations from your everyday work.


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Welcome to our webpage regarding teambuilding. Here we will post examples of what activities you can do for teambuilding and why it is important.

teamworkSimply put, the purpose for this site will be to come up with and present all types of activities that enhance social relations within teams. The teambuilding activities will be suitable for both coroporate organizations, sports-teams, school classes and other groups that wants to get to now eachothers a bit better.

The majority of the activities will be collaborative tasks involving both physical and mental problem solving for the team where team work is necessary to solve the problem.

In several studies, team building has been proven to increase effectiveness where better communication and collaborations are the most contributing factors.